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Quality management system

The company's quality management system consists of QC, QA, quality management department, respectively, the exercise of quality inspection and quality supervision and management functions. Monitoring and testing and environmental conditions in which the QC is responsible for the company's production of raw materials, finished products, intermediates, process water. In order to ensure the production and inspection work carried out smoothly, the company has ordinary instrument room, precise instrument room, physical and chemical laboratories, standard solution room, balance room, oven and other domestic first-class modern laboratory, and with the international advanced detection instruments: GC-1620 gas chromatograph, LC-20AD, LC-15C high performance liquid chromatograph, WZZ-3 automatic polarimeter instrument.

Quality management department is responsible for establishing and perfecting the quality supervision system, and set up a full-time QA personnel from the supplier evaluation, the material raw materials procurement, storage product approval, production process, release, sales, customer feedback to monitor the whole process, standardize and improve the quality management system; at the same time through the inspection tour, field periodic inspection and regular quality report and other means to manage the company's whole quality system, and regularly organize knowledge update training, improve the quality of the concept of full.